Android Go vs Android: Which is the Best Option?

Google is determined to bring the power of Android to the world, which is why it has created Android Go, a lighter version of Android. It is still predominantly Android, but the software has been optimized for smartphones with lower performance processors, less memory and less available mobile data. The Android Go edition is the best possible alternative to a dedicated business device with minimal specifications and capabilities. For a device to be compatible with AER, the manufacturer must follow the AER specifications in addition to the Android Go specifications.

Android 12 (Go edition) automatically saves battery life and storage by hibernating applications that haven't been used for long periods of time, especially useful for devices with limited storage capacity. Android is a ubiquitous mobile operating system, owned by Google, that powers more than 2 billion mobile phones worldwide. Android Go was launched with the goal of exploring new Android markets in developing countries by offering them an excellent smartphone experience at an affordable price. Stock Android can devote its available resources to what's currently running, making it faster.

Android One comes with most apps pre-installed, while Android Go has fewer apps installed. Google only offers limited APIs that help EMMs manage the device. The Android One program is a service in addition to this, so it would make sense for Google to charge OEMs a fee. All the core applications are designed in such a way that they make better use of resources while providing the same Android experience.

This also means that the manufacturer must release updates and improvements when they are removed from Google, adding a delay that doesn't exist with the Pixel or Android One user interface.So which one should you choose? If you're looking for an affordable device with great performance and battery life, then Android Go is your best bet. If you're looking for a device with more features and customization options, then you should go for an Android One device. Both options offer great value for money and will provide you with an excellent user experience.

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