Is Android Auto Safe to Use? A Comprehensive Guide

Android Auto is the perfect tool for drivers, allowing them to take advantage of their phone's features in an optimized and safe way while driving. It's Google's answer to Apple CarPlay, which does the same for iPhone users. To make Android Auto safe for drivers, Google has limited the selection of touchscreen action buttons and made voice control the primary interface. Google recently clarified certain aspects of Android Auto.

For example, the car's system can share information with the Android device, such as GPS location, since the car's system is usually more accurate than the connected phone. The system also recognizes when the vehicle is parked or driving to display the on-screen keyboard or activate voice controls. The idea is that fumbling around with a phone while driving is difficult and dangerous, and Android Auto alleviates some of that. Brands like Pioneer, Alpine, Clarion and Kenwood are already part of the Open Automotive Alliance, so you can upgrade your dashboard system.

In order to use Android Auto, your phone must run a version of Android between 6 and 11.Unfortunately, you won't be able to use it to listen to music or send texts while driving - you'll have to pick up your phone for that. But if you have smart lights or a smart thermostat connected to Google Home, you can ask Google Assistant, via Android Auto, to make sure everything is OK and comfortable when your long trip to work is finally over. Since Android Auto only changes the way things are displayed on the phone, there's nothing additional to install. Updates are also sent to your phone's apps, including Android Auto while your phone is up to date.

To use it, simply start Android Auto when you get in the car, place your phone on an easily accessible stand or mount, and you're good to go.Google isn't going to limit Android Auto to messaging and music apps forever - as it introduces new apps to the platform, it'll need to examine them to ensure that they meet both development security standards. However, Google has not yet commented on why Porsche did not include Android Auto when other Volkswagen brands do (Porsche is owned by VW). Sure, it's about staying focused on the road and entering just a few letters when necessary, but Android Auto won't even allow that while you're driving.The other way to use Android Auto is to connect a compatible phone to a compatible car radio or infotainment system.

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