What Does the Future Hold for Android 12?

Android 12 is set to be the biggest design change in the history of the Android operating system. From colors to shapes, light and movement, the new version of Android is more expressive, dynamic and personal than ever before. Developers can start updating their applications to adapt them to Android 12 (API level 3) without worrying about any unexpected changes that could alter the behavior of the application. Google has confirmed that devices from Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo and Xiaomi will have Android 12 this year.

The Conversations widget in Android 12 Beta 2 displays a contact's profile picture, name and icon, or the content of the last message. This version of Android is described as the biggest UX change since Android 5.0 Lollipop. While recent years have seen less radical changes than in the early years of Android's life, Android 12 is an exception. Android 11 lacked a view of the entire system's trash can, but there are clues that suggest applications with editing access to junk files or those that request user consent may display items from the hidden recycle bin.

Another new feature allows users to tap the back of their Android phone a certain number of times to activate an action of their choice. Google also updates small parts of the Android experience through the Play Store and Play Services frameworks. The rounded aesthetic may be a bit extreme in places, but overall I think Android is in a good visual position. Android 12 will include new buttons in the quick settings to help users quickly disable camera and microphone access for all applications with a single touch.

Please note that the Android 12 CDD has not yet been finalized, so the inclusion of this requirement has not yet been finalized. Google is also merging a new Bluetooth API with Android 12 that will allow games to detect the battery level of connected Bluetooth controllers.

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