Everything You Need to Know About Using Android Auto While Driving

If you need to use your phone while driving, Android Auto is the perfect solution. With Android Auto, you can access your apps on the car screen, or use Google Assistant driving mode on your phone screen. To get started, connect your phone to your car's built-in Android Auto system, or use the Android Auto app mode if your car isn't compatible. Once connected, you can access navigation apps, call contacts, and more.

Plus, you can customize Android Auto with quick settings to make it even better. Read on to learn more about using Android Auto while driving.If your car has built-in Android Auto, you can use the car screen instead of driving mode. To change your options, start driving mode by saying OK Google, start driving mode. When it's open, tap the menu icon at the bottom right and then select Settings.

Your Android apps will appear on the car screen when you connect your phone. Tap for driving directions, or call to send a text message. Android Auto is designed to help you focus on the road and have fun along the way. It will also display the current temperature and conditions in the status bar at the top of the Android Auto screen.Google Maps is very similar to what you get when you have your Android phone in navigation mode.

Depending on the vehicle's main unit, changing this option could increase the quality of the Android Auto screen. However, Google has deliberately limited functions that are much more convenient to use on a regular Android phone, or sometimes even in a car's own system.For those who use wireless Android Auto, a connection will be established via Bluetooth and 5 Hz Wi-Fi, following the car's instructions to set it up; often, you must connect using a cable to activate the process, after which you can connect wirelessly every time you get in your car. After that, all versions of Android Auto are basically the same experience, giving you access to the essential information you might need while driving without having to touch your phone.Google is gradually replacing Android Auto app mode with Google Assistant driving mode. In recent Audis, for example, the native MMI system has sharper graphics than those of Android Auto.

If you update to Android 12 and try to use the Android Auto app, it will prompt you to use driving mode instead.If you want to go further with the feature, there are some quick settings that can help customize Android Auto and make it even better. Plus, keep in mind that Android phones tend to get very hot when used wirelessly with an Android Auto head unit.There are three ways to control your smartphone using Android Auto: voice commands via Google Assistant; touch controls on compatible cars and stereos; and buttons on compatible cars and stereos. With these options available, you can easily access navigation apps, call contacts, and more while keeping your eyes on the road.

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